Gateway Section of the Institute of Transportation Engineers

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September 17th, 2024

MoDOT Transportation Management Center
14301 South Outer Forty Dr
Town & Country, MO 63017

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September Monthly Meeting

More information to follow

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Gateway Section ITE is currently on their summer break. We look forward to resuming our monthly meetings with riveting speakers in September!

A Message From The President

Welcome to Gateway ITE!

Beginning In May, we are very excited to present our Next Generation Speaker Series.  We will have two newer Transportation Professionals discuss what they are most proud of, what they have learned so far, how they improved an existing process or introduced a new one at your organization, and share stories and projects which help tell their story and let us learn from our newer Transportation Professionals.  

The Next Generation Speaker Series will be a great opportunity for newer engineers to speak in front of a crowd, get their name out there, and practice public speaking.  And this will be a great opportunity for us to learn about the value that new engineers and Transportation Professionals bring to our workplaces and what makes them proud and excited about work, how to best train them, and how to attract and retain them!  

We will present the Next Generation Speaker Series during our May and November monthly meetings.  Please attend next month’s lunch meeting in person on May 21st at the MoDOT TMC and show your support for the Next Generation of Transportation Professionals!  

I hope to see you at the meeting and let’s continue to grow together

John Klein, P.E.
Gateway ITE President

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2025 Conference Information to be posted later in the year

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This portal and direct link encourages members to share feedback any time you have an idea, concern, or observation that can enhance ITE”s inclusiveness. The feedback can relate to any level of the organization – International, District, Section, or Chapter.

All feedback will be completely confidential unless individuals wish to identify themselves and be contacted. Members should expect to contacted within 2-3 days at the most and all issues will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

ITE’s Inclusion Portal encourages our members to share their feedback any time they have an idea, concern or observation that can enhance ITE’s inclusiveness.  This feedback can relate to any level of the organization – International, District, Section, Chapter.

ITE Inclusion Portal

As part of MOVITE’s Strategic Plan, the Board has identified various task forces to improve the operations and goals of our organization. These task forces and subsequent committees will allow members to engage in and become involved in the District in specific areas of interest without a huge time commitment.

(1) Young Member Outreach and Retention Task Force: This task force will create a committee to explore and recommend strategies for improved Young Member outreach, engagement, and retention. It is presumed that this committee will also work in collaboration with MOVITE student initiatives.

(2) Local Arrangements/Technical Meeting Task Force: This task force will create a committee to assist with conference planning in order to allow better quality, more strategic, and more intensive meetings while allowing the LAC to focus on venue, tours, social events, etc.

(3) Awards and Recognition Task Force: This task force will work to create a committee that will develop strategies to generate excitement and emotion around the District awards for both professional members and student members in hopes to increase the number of submissions.

If you would like to volunteer for one of these task forces, please email MOVITE President Kendra Miller at and specify which task force(s) you would like to join.

MOVITE Task Force Call for Volunteers